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New Zealand, with its breathtaking natural landscapes, welcoming culture, and world-class education system, has become a sought-after destination for international students seeking quality education and a unique living experience. New Zealand’s education system is renowned for its high standards, innovation, and inclusivity. However, navigating the complexities of studying in New Zealand, from choosing the right institution to handling visa applications, can be challenging. That’s where Safeway Immigration Consultants step in as your trusted partners. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the incredible opportunities that studying in New Zealand offers and how Safeway Immigration Consultants can help you embark on this transformative educational journey.

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Why Study in New Zealand?

There is no denying that overseas education is becoming more and more popular. From a professional standpoint, exposure to the world is essential.

Education is World Class: All New Zealand universities are represented in the QS World Rankings. Recently, New Zealand has made significant investments in its educational system, using a model that is similar to but equally accredited with the British one, and the work has already begun to pay off:

In terms of the significance and caliber of its research, the University of Waikato in Hamilton leads New Zealand. The Victoria University of Wellington is ranked first in many different academic fields, whereas the University of Auckland is included in the QS global top.

New Zealand's institutions not only provide top-notch education but also draw thousands of students from around the globe to study there. In actuality, Victoria University of Wellington has a substantial proportion of overseas students.

Another is the international students’ support system. Given the financial advantage that international students give New Zealand's universities, they have established a strong and caring system for student welfare to ensure that the student experience is as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Tuition Fee is Low and So Many Scholarships are Present: Although the British educational system has had a substantial influence on New Zealand's, it is less expensive. In New Zealand, tuition is only a few thousand dollars on average each year. Along with the lower tuition rates, there are numerous more options for scholarships to help you pay for your studies. It will take some searching and study to find one to which you could apply, but we suggest beginning by browsing the websites of any colleges you might be interested in applying to. Or, even better, simply email them your question.

Pedagogy too, is Excellent: You will learn how to handle situations in an organized and systematic approach thanks to New Zealand's emphasis on research-based teaching, which is inspired by the educational system in the UK. You will develop both independent and collaborative ability to work at various levels. While you are a student in New Zealand, you will be urged to ask questions, think critically, and take advantage from the interaction held between the student and teacher. You'll also put the concepts you've learned in class into practice and come up with a number of problem-solving strategies.

Innovation and Research: There are numerous opportunities for research for students in New Zealand. The country takes pride in having access to modern resources, highly qualified professors, and well-stocked labs. It has developed into a hub for new technologies, research, and development in a variety of fields, including medicine, physics, geology, engineering, astronomy, computer science, and agriculture. The innovative mindset accounts for the reason as such. The significance and scope of New Zealand's research are highlighted by the Nobel prizes that nation has earned.

PhD Scholars Have a Great Scope: As a Ph.D. student, you would have many advantages in addition to the many research opportunities. You will be able to pay the same tuition as residents because you are able to work full-time while earning a degree.

Safety and Peacefulness: The New Zealand democracy's tolerance for social diversity and political stability is measured by the Global Peace Index. And New Zealand has come second. As an international student, you will be accorded the same rights as your Kiwi counterparts.

Life Quality: The wonderful multi-cultural environment that New Zealand provides melds perfectly with the energetic outdoor lifestyle that is so prevalent there. There are plenty of different natural beauties, like rolling green hills, snow-capped mountains, golden sand beaches, lush rainforests, and volcanic volcanoes. New Zealand inspires wanderlust. The area’s beauty is incredibly so natural and the cultural diversity is so rich that every student residing here has the growth chance.

Working towards supporting your Studies: As an international student in New Zealand, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. You can actually pursue a research master's or doctoral degree while working full-time.

Study in New Zealand - Colleges, Eligibility & Scholarships

Everything you need to know about New Zealand visas
The visa you need will depend on the type of study you want to do, and how long you want to stay in New Zealand. Having a valid passport and the right visa is key to a trouble-free entry.

While studying in New Zealand, it’s important to maintain your Fee-Paying student status. This status ates to the purpose, or reason why you came to New Zealand.

To apply for a visa, you must have the following documentation ready:

  • A valid passport which must be valid for at least three months after your period of stay in New Zealand.
  • A letter of acceptance from a New Zealand education provider which states the minimum course duration, total tuition fee and whether the tuition fee is in domestic and foreign currency. The course must be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
  • You may also need additional documentation such as:
  • Academic preparation documents such as transcripts, diplomas, degrees or certificates.
  • Current application form – Student Visa Application form.
  • Correct visa application fee.
  • Tuition fee receipt showing payment to date.
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover your living expenses throughout the periods of your stay. You will need to show you have NZ$15,000 for a full year of study or NZ$1,250 per month.
  • This may include:
  • Bank statements.
  • Financial undertaking by a sponsor to cover accommodation and living costs.
  • A scholarship program.
  • Evidence that you are leaving New Zealand after the completion of your course. This can be in the form of flight tickets, however it is optional.
  • A police certificate if you are aged 17 years or over and plan to study for more than 24 months. A police certificate is a document which is used as evidence of good character.
  • An X-ray certificate – you will need to have a chest x-ray if you are staying in New Zealand for more than six months, or if you’re a citizen of a country with a relatively high incidence of tuberculosis, or if you’ve spent more than three months in the last five years in a country with a relatively high incidence of tuberculosis.
  • Full medical examination

New Zealnd Student Visa – Process

Step 1:Short-list of Course and College
Step 2:Apply Admission to a New Zealnd Institution
Step 3:Receive Conditional Offer Letter
Step 4:Pay Tuition Fee
Step 5:Get Letter of Acceptance
Step 6:Purchase of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
Step 7:Medical Examination
Step 8:Visa Lodgment


  • Human Resources Management
  • Global Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Accounting
  • International Business Management
  • Information Technology
  • Health Care Management
  • Advertising and Marketing Communications – Management
  • Business Analysis and Process Management
  • Office Administration
  • Executive
  • Health Services
  • Legal
  • Dental Office Administration
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Planning

ACCOUNTING, Finance & Insurance

  • Taxation
  • Cost Accounting
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Company Secretary
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Professional Accounting INSURANCE
  • General Insurance & Risk Management
  • Insurance Management – Property & Causality
  • Customer Service Fundamentals – Insurance


  • Community Pharmacy Assistant
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Child and Youth Care
  • Community Worker – Outreach and Development
  • Social Service Worker
  • Social Service Worker – Gerontology
  • Community & Population Health
  • Public Health
  • Mental Health & Addiction
  • Global Health
  • Health Education
  • Nutrition
  • Food & Nutrition Management


  • Pharmacy
  • Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Environmental Science
  • Biomedical
  • Biotechnology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Radiology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Microbiology
  • Zoology
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Agriculture
  • Pathology
  • Health Science & Nutrition
  • Sports Science
  • Operation Theatre Technology
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Medicine
  • Dental Sciences
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Technology
  • Dental Office Administration
  • Dental Business Assistant


  • Practical Nursing
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Nursing Unit Clerk
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Dental Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Specialty Nursing – Occupational Health
  • Specialty Nursing – Critical Care
  • Specialty Nursing – Neonatal
  • Specialty Nursing – Preoperative Medical without Mathematics
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Associate of Science in
  • Bio-Technology Industrial Microbiology Dental Hygiene- fast
  • Pharmaceutical & food science
  • Practical
  • Veterinary
  • Anthropology
  • Food & Nutrition Management
  • Criminology


  • Tourism Management
  • Culinary Management
  • Resort & Hotel Management
  • Global Tourism Management
  • International Hotel Management
  • Hotel & Restaurant Operations Management
  • Baking & Pastry Arts Management
  • Food & Beverage Management


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electromechanical Engineering Technician
  • Advanced Manufacturing Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical & Systems Engineering
  • Quality Assurance – Manufacturing and Management
  • Mechanical Techniques
  • Heavy Mechanical Foundation
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Tool & Die/Mould making
  • CNC & Precision Machining
  • Design & Drafting
  • Automated Manufacturing
  • Design & Analysis
  • Robotics & Automation
  • General Machinist
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Architectural Technician/Technology
  • Chemical Engineering Technology
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician
  • Environmental Control TRADE
  • Plumbing Technician
  • Plumbing, Mechanical Techniques
  • Tool and Die Maker, Mechanical Techniques
  • Tool Making, Mechanical Technician
  • Welding and Fabrication Technician/Welding Techniques COMPUTING
  • Computing and Network Communications
  • Computer Engineering Technician/Technology
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Applications Development
  • Cloud Systems Engineer
  • Cyber Defence & Cloud Administration
  • Cyber Security
  • Network Security
  • Information Systems Security
  • Computer Science
  • Animation
  • Web Data Management
  • Big Data
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning


  • Diploma in Arts & Science
  • Associate degree in arts
  • UTP – Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, Literature & Creative Writing, History, Psychology, Journalism & Mass Communications, Economics, Sociology, Liberal Arts or any regional
  • Hotel Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Law courses (integrated courses are also available)
  • Fashion Design/ Interior Design
  • Animation & Filmmaking
  • Game Design/Graphic Design
  • Journalism & Mass Communications
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Creative Writing
  • Music
  • Social Work
  • Fashion
  • Baking & Pastry Arts Management
  • Makeup for Media & Creative Arts
  • Visual & Creative Arts
  • Interactive Media Arts
  • Jewelry Arts
  • Police & Justice Studies


  • Early Childhood Education
  • Early Childhood Education – Intensive
  • Early Childhood Leadership
  • Educational Support
  • Physical Education
  • Education Assistant


  • Police & Justice Studies
  • Paralegal Studies
  • Police Foundation
  • Law Enforcement studies
  • Social Service Worker
  • Criminology
  • Law Clerk
  • Criminal Justice
University Location Website
Auckland University of Technology Auckland
Lincoln University ChristChurch
Victoria University of Wellington Wellington
University of Waikato Hamilton, Tauranga
Ara Institute of Canterbury ChristChurch, Timaru, Oamaru, Ashburton
Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) Napier, Auckland
Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) Manukau, Auckland
Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) Nelson & Marlborough
Northland ploytechnic Whangarei, Rawene, Auckland
Otago Polytechnic Dunedin/ Auckland
Southern Institute of Technolgy (SIT) Auckland, ChristChurch, Invercargill, Queenstown
Universal College of learning (UCOL) Palmerston North, Masterton, Whanganui
Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology Rotorua, Tauranga
Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC) Hamilton
Wellington Institute of Technology (WELTEC) Wellington/ Auckland
Whitiria Community Polytechnic Auckland, Wellington
Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki(WITT) New Plymouth and Hamilton
Auckland Institute of Stuies (New Name of AIS St. Helens) Auckland
Auckland Hotel & Chefs Training School Auckland
Alpha Educational Institute Auckland, ChristChurch
Agi Education Limited Auckland
Aspire2 International Auckland, Tauranga & ChristChurch
ATMC New Zealand Auckland
Abacus Institute of Studies ChristChurch & Auckland
Cornell Institute of Business & Technology Auckland
Employ NZ Tertiary Institute Tauranga
Freedom Institute of Higher Education Hamilton
Ignite Colleges Auckland
International College of Auckland Auckland
IPU Tertiary Institute New Zealand Palmerston North
Newton College Of Business & Technology Auckland
New Zealand Management Academies (NZMA) Auckland, Hamilton
New Zealand School Of Education (NZSE) Auckland, Hamilton
New Zealand School of Tourism Auckland City, Auckland Britomart, Auckland Airport, Hamilton Rotoua, WLG Courtenay PL, WLG Willis ST, ChristChurch, Dunedin
New Zealand Tertiary College (NZTC) College (NZTC) Auckland, ChristChurch
Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) New Plymouth
The Professional Business & Restuarant School Auckland
Yoobee Colleges Auckland, ChristChurch, Rotorua, Wellington
UC International College ChristChurch

New Zealand – Student Visa – Checklist – (SDS)

  • Photograph (as per specification)
  • Academics starting X onwards (Marksheets & Certificates)
  • Degree Certificate (for Graduates)
  • Backlog Certificate (for Graduates)
  • Passport
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume / CV
  • Offer Letter
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • CAQ (if applying in Quebec only)
  • Tuition Fee Receipt
  • Medical
  • GIC
  • Experience Certificates, if any (with Appointment Letter & Salary Slips)
  • Family Information
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Refusal Letter (in case of previous refusal)
  • Biometric Letter (in case of previous refusal)
  • ID Proof – PAN Card / Aadhar Card (Student & Parents)
  • Embassy Fees $235

New Zealand – Student Visa – Checklist – (Non-SDS)

  • All of the above documents And
  • Financial Documents
  • Bank Statement
  • Bank Certificate on Letterhead
  • Fixed Deposit
  • FD Certificate on Bank’s Letterhead
  • Sponsor Affidavit
  • Property Documents
  • Translation in English
  • Valuation
  • Income Tax Return
  • Income Certificate from Tehsildar (for Agriculturists)
  • CA Statement
  • Identification Documents
  • Aadhar Card (Student / Parents)
  • PAN Card (Student / Parents)
  • Refusal Letter, if any

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