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Study in Hungary with Safeway Immigration Consultants: Unlocking Europe's Educational Gem

Hungary, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and world-class education system, has emerged as a hidden gem for international students seeking academic excellence and a truly European experience. Hungarian universities are renowned for their high academic standards and a wide range of programs offered in English. However, navigating the intricacies of studying in Hungary, from selecting the right institution to handling visa procedures, can be a daunting task. That’s where Safeway Immigration Consultants step in as your trusted guides. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the remarkable opportunities that studying in Hungary offers, and how Safeway Immigration Consultants can be your invaluable partner on this educational journey.

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Why Study in Hungary?

Hungary is an appealing destination for international students. Therefore, Hungarian education offers numerous opportunities and advantages. Studying in Hungary has some compelling reasons that are mentioned below:

Education is of High-Quality: Providing quality education has been a long tradition in Hungary. There are several prestigious universities present therein having different academic programs. International recognition is there with many of these universities. These offer highly regarded degrees that are accredited worldwide.

Tuition Fees are Affordable: Relatively affordable tuition fees are offered as compared to other European countries in Hungary. Students, therefore, find it an attractive option to look for quality education at a reasonable cost. Generally, Hungary's cost of living is even lower in comparison to other Western European countries.

Diverse Cultural Aspects: Rich cultural heritage exists in Hungary. Therefore, students get an excellent opportunity not only to study but also to come across a diverse and vibrant cultural environment. Besides, you can interact with locals from different backgrounds other than experiencing traditional festivals. Also, there are historical landmarks in Hungary that you can explore.

Located Centrally: Geographically, Hungary is located in Central Europe. Therefore, Hungary becomes an ideal base for students to discover nearby European countries. Also, students get to come across different cultures. Quite excitingly, easy travel opportunities are offered during holidays and breaks. Location-wise, Hungary has well connections with other European nations.

Instruction Language: Most of the courses taught at the postgraduate level in Hungarian universities are in English. So, without the language barrier, international students pursue their studies.

Grants and Scholarships: Various scholarships and grants are proffered in Hungary for international students. Quite significantly, this can diminish the study abroad financial burden.

Environment is Student-Friendly: Being welcoming and student-friendly has always been the essence of Hungarian universities. During the stay of international students there, they are assisted with support services, international offices, and student organizations.

Opportunities for Research: Strong emphasis in Hungary is laid on research and development. Therefore, students have the advantage of engagement in cutting-edge research during their education. Emphasis on research and development is laid in science, engineering, and technology.

Safety and Security: Hungary provides a secure environment for international students. This way, they are able to concentrate on their academics as well as personal growth. Besides, Hungary is a safe country with a low crime rate.

History and Architecture is Rich: Hungary boasts to be a visually captivating place to live and study. It has a stunning mix of historical and modern architecture. Hungary is abundant in historic cities and buildings, which is a rewarding experience, quite a lot.

To conclude, Hungarian education offers the following to welcome international students:

  • High-quality education
  • Enriching cultural experience
  • Diverse research opportunities
  • Friendly Environment

In short, Hungary is a great destination providing an affordable European education with a unique historical and modernity blend.

Study in Hungary - Colleges, Eligibility & Scholarships

  • Valid passport Enclose a valid and original passport with two blank pages for stamping. Your passport must be issued within the last 10 years.
  • Visa Application Form.Fill out the application form for a student visa with true information and submit it to the competent authority.
  • Passport-size photographs Attach two recently taken photos within the last six months to your application. Glue one photo to the application and include the other in the documents. Photos should conform to the Schengen requirements.
  • Medical insurance The university in Hungary should state in the invitation letter whether the medical insurance is covered by them. If not, you must include a document of travel insurance proving you have an amount of €30.000 to cover your medical expenses. The medical insurance must be valid for the whole Schengen Area.
  • Letter of acceptance from the universityThe letter should contain information on the beginning date of classes and payment information (if applicable).
  • Proof of accommodation. If the Hungarian University provides accommodation, it must be noted in the invitation letter. If you have to provide an accommodation place for yourself, you mustsubmit a rental agreement with the owner of the building and a property document issued within the last month.
  • Proof of paid fee Students who are recipients of the “Stipendium Hungaricum” state scholarship are exempt from this requirement.
  • Financial status Everyone must submit a translated bank reference and bank statement of the last six months.

Hungary Student Visa – Process

Step 1:Short-list of Course and College
Step 2:Apply Admission to a Hungary Institution
Step 3:Receive Conditional Offer Letter
Step 4:Pay Tuition Fee
Step 5:Get Letter of Acceptance
Step 7:Medical Examination
Step 8:Visa Lodgment


  • BA- Media Design
  • BA- Cinematography
  • BA- Television Production Arts
  • BA- Communication and Media Science
  • BA- Visual Representation
  • BA- Tourism and Catering
  • BA- Photography
  • BA- Animation
  • BA- Craftsmanship
  • BA- Acting, Theatre & Dance


  • MA- Communication and Media Studies
  • MA- Cinematography
  • Master of Science- Tourism Management
  • Master of Science- Geography


  • Bachelor of Arts- Business Administration and Management
  • Bachelor of Science- Commerce and Marketing
  • Bachelor of Science in International Business Economics


  • MA International Economy and Business
  • Master of Science- Economics
  • Master of Science- International Business
  • Master of Arts- International Relations


  • Bachelor of Science- Public Health
  • Bachelor of Science- Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Science- Nursing


  • Master in Dentistry
  • Master in Pharmacy
  • Master of Science- Bioengineering & Biotechnology
  • Master of Science- Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Master of Science- Agriculture


  • Bachelor of Science- Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science- Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science- Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science- Mechatronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science- Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science- Biochemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts- Graphic Design
  • Bachelor of Arts- Animation


  • Master of Science- Chemistry
  • Master of Science- Computer Science
  • Master of Science- Mechatronics Engineering
  • Master of Science- Applied Mathematics
  • Master of Science- Financial Mathematics

Universities In Budapest
Public institutions of higher education

Institution Abbr. Type Established
University of Veterinary Medicine ÁTE Medical school 1851 / 1952 / 2016
Corvinus University BCE Business school 1920 / 1948 / 1990
Budapest Business School BGE 1857 / 2016
Budapest University of Technology and Economics BME Institute of technology 1782
Eötvös Loránd University ELTE Research university 1635 / 1777 / 1950
Franz Liszt Academy of Music LFZE Music school 1875
Hungarian University of Fine Arts MKE Art school 1871 / 2000
Hungarian Dance Academy MTE Art school / 2017
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design MOME Art school 2001
National University of Public Service NKE National university 2011 (1808)
Óbuda University OE Institute of technology 1879 / 2000 / 2010
Semmelweis University SOTE Medical school 1769 / 1969
Academy of Drama and Film SZFE Art school 2000
University of Physical Education TE
University of Szeged
University of Pecs

Visa Checklist

  • Proof of having paid the tuition fee
  • An acceptance letter from the university regarding your admission
  • Passport valid at least 6 months beyond your date of entry
  • Copy of the photograph page of your passport
  • Passport photo no more than 6 months old
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Proof of address or housing in Hungary
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses in the form of bank assurance/statement
  • Visa application form
  • 3 stamped envelopes addressed to the applicant

Copy of following documents:

  • Passport pages with your information and signature.
  • Copy of all Schengen visas received within the last three years. (if applicable)
  • ID card.
  • Schengen Travel Health Insurance.
  • Flight Ticket.
  • Copy of marriage certificate with notarized translation into English. (If applicable)

Important Notes
All the documents must be in the English Language or Translated into English.
Each file must be in PDF format also less than 4MB in Size.

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